The Invisible Exhibition

The Invisible Exhibition is made up of 100 works scattered or hidden in the nature, from 4th July to 25th september 2011. The exhibitions cover all the departments of the Haute-Marne and part of the future National Park between Champagne and Burgundy, namely the forest zones of oak and beech trees.

The artworks can be miniscule or big, they should be autonomous in energy, and ready to resist weather conditions. Every artwork is attached (in latitude and longitude) to an important site. Details are given out to the public via an internet site.

The visitors discover the exhibitions on foot with the help of a SAT. Each work is accompanied by a notebook so that the visitors can get to know about the author and find the relevant information about the work, and also to write down their impression for the future visitors to read. Visitors are invited to write down their impression on the internet site.

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