Voodoo Project

In the single framework of the demonstration "d’abord les forêts / opus 2" which will take place in Aubepierre / Aube during the summer season of La Maison Laurentine, the messin collective Voodoo&cow will propose, in the date of August 15th, a spectacular animation as well as a landscaping.

Indeed, in order to respond to the projects emitted by Pierre Bongiovanni, the collective had suggests the research of the Mill’s garden (neighbor of LML) to create, just for the evening, a universe around the intrinsic fears of each specialy in relation to mystery of our wood.

Indeed, how to put in front of people their capacities to deform the reality into unreal apprehension. Often, the man builds is own myths, fears from concrete facts. A crackle of branch produced by the wind can become a strange sound of footsteps, the yell of an animal becomes a mythological monster. It is this « mytho-logic » which interests the members of Voodoo&Cow, or how the Man fools himself.

To fulfil this content, Voodoo&Cow will play on the form. Multiplying the disciplines, the collective will use diverse and varied technics for immersed the public in a universe at the same time known, and completely unpredictable. Sound installations, ardent constructions, enigmatic characters and many others else to invest the river, the trees, the field, the house. Around a bonfire, the public can warm himself of his fears, such as the original fire, protective and destructive.

It is not about narrative live performance, rather about an implicit sensitive interaction.

Come to face your fancies on August the 15th, in the Mill’s Garden.

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Woodoo and Cow

Le collectif VOODOO&COW regroupe plusieurs jeunes artistes aux compétences multiples et variées, navigant entre les arts du spectacle et les arts plastiques, de la musique à la peinture, du cirque aux installations, enfin bref, Voodoo & Cow navigue (...)

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