Voile (Miroir Temps) Installation (Parc)

VOILE is part of a series of installations entitled Reflections.

These are constructed out of the accumulation and composition of modules of mirrored matter, in order to constitute a “molecular” sculpture. These sculptures reverse the image of the surrounding landscape, recomposing it, fragmenting it, in order to generate new images composed of multiple reflections. They are sorts of chameleons, melding into their surroundings.

VOILE is composed of about three hundred triangular mirrors, weaved into a 25 m2 surface. It is installed in an energetic location – a seemingly forgotten Cistercian abbey, where light and wind constantly reshape it.

Qui ?

Etienne Rey

Après une maîtrise en Arts Plastiques et un Post Diplôme en architecture au laboratoire GAMSAU en création numérique, Etienne Rey débute son activité artistique en 2001.
En 2007, fondation de l’atelier des Ondes Parallèles, atelier de création et d’expérimentation dans le domaine (...)

Quand ?

Où ?

Abbaye de Longuay

N 47° 55.428 - E 4° 54.587
52210 Dancevoir

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