Theater in vivo : Encounter with Contemporary Art

Proposed by the Cultural Center of Taïwan in Paris

The performance of naked artists who stand immobile or move slowly around on the stage represents a kind of rite codifying human behavior, which may embody a radical existential questioning. Theater in vivo presents the concrete and yet ambiguous materiality of the body, revealing a deceiving and yet real longing for spirituality. Further, it turns the theater into a kaleidoscopic miniature reduction of the existing world and like a “living fossil” offers the tremendous density of accumulated riches. Theater in vivo is the materialization of an archetypal consciousness of the human being, even if he is sometimes groping along, it is the symbolic signifier of a global perception that tries vainly to embrace the entire world.

Structured as a triptych.
Part 1 performing LIU Chien-Wei

Part 2, performing Saraht Trouche (

Part 3, performing LIU Yen-Hung

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Abbaye de Longuay

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