Installation, 2000

The perfect Storm 0r, how to pass a camel through a needle’s hole

The installation is an hexagonal structure built from the pinhole principle. The space is transformed into a giant camera obscura. A motor and a mirror system will keep the image moving in an infinite slow movement.

A pinhole is not a point. It is ambiguous. A pinhole is a space, a really precise zone sharpened by the inside ridge of the perforation. It is like a wave selector.

Inside the black space, abstract and confined, there is a voice.
A pitch-black space where the viewer disappears to enter a mental space. As a space where everything will ground differently.

Qui ?

Christelle Fillod

Artiste, performer. Elle est diplômée de
l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Lyon, et fut résidente au Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains de Tourcoing. Elle crée des installations in situ, des installations vidéo ainsi que des performances.
Son travail est l’émergence de (...)

Quand ?

Où ?

Maison Laurentine

N 47° 54.750 - E 4° 56.201
15, rue du Moulin
52210 Aubepierre sur Aube

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