The Mother Goddess - Regressive Listening Box Interactive Performance installation

Concept and Perfomance : Caterina Perazzi

Realisation : Caterina Perazzi, Violaine de Cazenove, Olivier Boisson, Justine Macadoux

Immersive music : Jean Voguet

Collaboration to light design : Philippe Berthomé

Sacred icon and secular figure, this performance embodies the Divine Goddess,
both a magnificent and terrible vision. The spectator closes his eyes. The door half-opens. He enters a passage going backwards, the forbidden path, and lives through the primal fear of going back to the unknown.

The top of the head touches tissue, the skin experiences this passage leading to obscurity, inch after inch.


The spectator is sucked up in a tactile, sound and visual trip into the original depth of the womb.

The Goddess keeps the man within her, her hands on his shoulders, and when he feels the time has come, she delivers him : his neck touches the tissue, the head comes out of the womb, his eyes open.
This is a second birth.

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Caterina Perazzi

Metteur en scène-chorégraphe, danseuse, comédienne et performer
Mon parcours artistique commence par la danse, puis, en parallèle à des études de lettres, s’élargit aux arts visuels et plastiques et ensuite au théâtre et au travail vocal.
Rapidement dans ma formation comme dans ma recherche (...)

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