The call from the forest Pictures

The realized work presents a series of portraits of trees. Through these photographs I tried to go against the too widely accepted idea in our society which leads to consider trees as objects. The aim was to return them their living beings’ real nature.

To achieve their "portraits" by revealing a supplement of animal or human soul in their plant status is, for me, a way to insist on the living beings’ notion. So that finally we have to consider the trees as close to us beings and to hear their shouts and claims for existence, especially in these times when they are largely threatened.

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Jean-Louis Bec

La Nature l’interroge et l’interpelle par le jeu du vivant et de la matière, il devient biologiste et chimiste en France et au Canada.
Son cheminement le dirige vers le fonctionnement cognitif du cerveau et la philosophie des sciences, comment en effet comprendre la Nature, (...)

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