Stigmate Installation

In the installation piece untitled “Stigmate” she is looking to enhance the relation between the environment of forests and European collective imaginary, influenced by literature and fairy tales. She staged a set of dilapidated furniture in thick and wild vegetation which evokes, writing, reading, falling asleep, sleeping, night and childhood and in doing so suggests a strong narrative sense of a past daily life activity. By displacing the indoors intimate space of the bedroom from its usual domestic surrounding, she raises questions about the perception of the interior and the exterior, the unconscious and the conscious. She shows the forest as a potential place for living and as a place that produces imagination.

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Cécile Arménault

Le travail de cette artiste engage des réflexions sur l’aspect culturel de notre mémoire individuelle. Sa pratique pluridisciplinaire s’inscrit dans une dynamique de recherche sur la forme du récit, la trace, la mémoire de l’évènement et du lieu et la représentation de la "poétique de (...)

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N 47° 55.290 - E 4° 54.647

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