Splash, splisch, scratch…. Interactive installation (Parc)

... I walk over and over again on a logging road and the traces of my feet wet or dry naturally go off without a mark whether or not I’ll get around or get involved on the perimeter with a quadrilateral which extends silent hullabaloo of traces left just before my passage .... what happened there .... I imagine using the memory of sounds that was written. These people there, took care to deliver me before my departure to this forest, perpetual unknown.

I am, I whispered, I cried, I tale, I love it ....

I now bypasses the better to inflame !

Qui ?

Valérie Ruiz

Artiste laborantine
Vit et travaille en France, entre l’Alsace et le Sud Ouest.
Plasticienne, peintre, vidéaste, performeuse, auteure/réalisatrice, scénographe.
"….l’ordre apparent peut
receler un désordre caché et
le désordre visible héberger
un ordre contenu….
L’oeuvre polymorphe de (...)

Quand ?

Où ?

Abbaye de Longuay

N 47° 55.428 - E 4° 54.587
52210 Dancevoir

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