Show me how you can dance

Through a narrow and dark hole, the visitor sees a little magical, mysterious and shamanic picture : it’s an apparition of the old white horse in which an old shaman has been dancing for centuries, moving everlastingly inside the body of this animal. This frantic dance of the shaman happily prolongs the life of his spirit-host. It celebrates the identification to the imperishable.

Like a ritual or on an offering altar, little heaps of white hairs are meticulously placed around the horse, on shelves.

This picture in the center echoes the very old white horse which lives in the neighboring village called “ dancevoir”. On the edge of the field, we dream of seeing this fabulous creature dancing.

Qui ?

Julie Faure-Brac

Née en 1981 à Charleville-Mézières, France, où elle vit et travaille.
Diplômée de l’ESAD de Reims en 2004, Julie Faure-Brac réalise une installation in-situ au Frac Champagne-Ardenne en 2005 pour l’exposition Jeunisme II. Elle présente aussi pour sa première exposition personnelle à Paris, à la (...)

Quand ?

Où ?

Maison Laurentine

N 47° 54.750 - E 4° 56.201
15, rue du Moulin
52210 Aubepierre sur Aube

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