Sen(h) Installation

SEN(H), is a sculptural installation specially realise for the exhibition “D’abord les forêts…/ opus2”.

It consists in putting a cuirass on a tree situated on the Langeais property. This cuirass made out of zinc reminds the Marmesse cuirass discovered in the area in 1974. By this re appropriation of the patrimonial heritage the artist shows his desire to respond to the historical and cultural assets of the area. The structure of the sculpture evokes also the etymological origin of the word sen(h). This one first used in an Indo-European language meant strength and victory. Thus the word sen(h) might be the root word for Sénons which describes the Celtic people living in Haute Marne on the period of the ninth century before J-C.
The piece of work stands for a representation of the guardian of forest

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Sébastien Combescot

Vit et travaille à Paris.
Sébastien Combescot questionne à travers ses installations, les liens qu’entretiennent les êtres humains avec la nature.

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