Présence-Absence Concerts

The colombière is a dead space acoustically ; and thus is a place where we can focus our ears and hear the differences between different sonic environments.

In this project, the listener goes on a sonic journey that juxtaposes three field recordings. The first is of the field directly outside the colombière, spotlighting the sounds of the rural environment, mostly without human activity ; the second is of a
working colombière in Normandy ; and finally, the last is of Grand Central Station in New York City, where the listener will hear the sounds of the urban environment, where almost all the sounds are generated by human activity.

In creating this project, I was heavily influenced by the work of R. Murray Schafer, who has written eloquently on the historical transition from the rural soundscape to the post-industrial soundscape.

Qui ?

Norman Yamada

Norman Yamada est un compositeur vivant à New York. Il a écrit musique pour des groupes tels que L’Ensemble Crosstown, le Bang on a Can All-Stars, Agon, et Shrek, a travaillé avec des musiciens dans le downtown New York scène tels que John Zorn, Anthony Coleman et les Jazz (...)

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Abbaye de Vauclair

N 47° 55.470 - E 5° 3.397
Censé Vauclair
52210 Giey-sur-Aujon

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