Object for Returning Philosophical object

A back pad filled with stones and a dispositive able to let down the content fall seeks for the trace of the individual entering in the forest (generique image for an absolute idea of Nature).

Specifically made for the directional attention, the object indicates as consideration the absolute return ; as well as in a more practical way the placement where the subject was before.

Introduced to a progressive absence of weight, the subject is brought to the presence with Nature and the reverie of a magical discover managed by a simple and analogical dispositive.

Qui ?

Nuno Vicente

Né à Chartres (France) en 1981.
Nuno Vicente est un artiste multimédia particulièrement influencé par l’arte Povera et les arts conceptuels des années 60 du XXème siècle.
Ses travaux les plus récents s’intéressent au temps, aux étapes de transformation de la matière, aux mémoires symboliques.
Nuno (...)

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Maison Laurentine

N 47° 54.750 - E 4° 56.201
15, rue du Moulin
52210 Aubepierre sur Aube

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