L’Homme aux pieds de boue (The Man with feed of mud)

Near Aubepierre sur Aube is the village of Lignerolles ( Côte d’Or ).
There, in a small cemetery that is Claude Levi Strauss, who died in 2009 in his hundredth year …

Fred Taddeï Angel, visual artist, moved into the washhouse against the bottom, an art installation "participatory" he nome "the man with feet of mud."

Taking an iconic image of the French ethnologist, currently the portrait of an Indian of the Amazon rainforest, it has placed in glass jars, images, wrinkles, he invites to take and ultimately to own.

This work concerns the notion of exchange and move the issue of aesthetics to that of ethics (why an artist ?), A practice that extends the artist nome « actions deposits ».If the actions deposits support their first in the city as a public space, they hire primarily "a network of relationships about bodily and language."

Qui ?

Frédéric Taddei Ange

Frédéric Taddeï Ange, né en 1966, vit et travaille en banlieue sud de Paris.

Quand ?

Où ?


N 47° 54.120 - E 4° 53.388
21 Route du Cimetière
1357 Lignerolles

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