(H)AND(S) Installation

These photographs and films are part of an artistic choreographic process on the theme of hands and the sense of touch that lead to a choreographic piece called (H)AND(S).

As a choreographer I was attracted to hands as a body part ; such a familiar part and so much a part of our tenderness, our relationship with others, accompanying every gesture. As a means of communication, of emotion and exchange, our hands stretch out, give volume to the body, give a direction, an intention.. They are expressions of who we are, they reveal who we are.

(H)uman AND (S)ociety

In April 2003, I was in New York.The agitated flow disturbed and fascinated me. I decided to photograph things to slow down my inevitable empathetic feeling, to isolate images, to understand, to establish a distance between my emotional reaction and my full engagement.
I took part in the flow, photographing hands in the street, in public spaces. No faces ; just hands.

I built up a stance through this work : I was part of the flow of a city, engaging with it, being near without being intrusive. Going with the flow.

Then the photographed hands revealed a new lecture of the city : the activities (waiting, making a sign, daily gestures…), relationships between people (being close, touching, different ways of being together…), society as revealed through what we wear, held (materials, food, accessories…), mobility (of groups, of individuals) or immobility and tension, and finally what we see of the city through the frame of the photograph (architecture, light, matter, places…).

In September 2003, I was invited to Hanoi (Vietnam) to dance. I know this city ; it moves me. I decided to renew my vision of cities. I continued this process as I traveled to Cuenca (Mexico) in 2004, Kyoto (Japan) in 2006, Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 2007.

Later, I continued my research and met people whose job was to touch. While we spoke I filmed their hands. Hands accompany speech, express sensitivity. Familiar daily gestures appear and reappear.
Conversations with Sabina Derosin - baker, Pomme Aladenise – mid-wife, Elisabeth Croyère – chiropractor.

Photographs and videos : Clara Cornil
Setting design : David Subal


This photographic installation was first presented as a preview at the Gallery FRAC of the Lycée Jean de la Fontaine at Château Thierry in the framework of a festival « C’est comme ça » by l’échangeur – scène conventionnée (performance space under contractual agreement with the State) of Fère-en-Tardenois in October 2008. The completed project, installation and choreographic work, was first presented in February 2009 at Nouveau Relax – scène conventionnée of Chaumont, then at the Manège in Reims – national performance venue, and at la Ferme du Buisson – national performance venue of Marne-la-Vallée and at the Faïencerie – théâtre scène conventionnée (a theatre under contractual agreement with the French State) in Creil.

Qui ?

Clara Cornil

Chorégraphe, danseuse, interprète auprès de Bruno Meyssat, Régine Chopinot, Olivia Grandville, Thierry Thieu Niang, Phillip Gehmacher, Clara Cornil traverse ses expériences avec une curiosité aiguisée pour le corps (corps-matière, corps-passage, corps-présence).
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