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Global Village video

Idea and realization : Alberto Lastreto
Sound Design : Sandino Nuñez
Time : 4’ 16´´

The video “Global Village” plays with the concepts of the local, the global, the particular and the universal. Starting from the cover of a book found, this cover, is manipulated digitally to conform a series of photogram’s, that result in a video. The Local Village appears to be engulf by the Global. It became the Global Village. Events happen. Small narratives give the impression of trying to convey a mayor narrative. The Village became a “machine” where the story follows event after event with out and apparent sense : pollution, flooding, wars, etc. ¿Has the Village became a machine wit out purpose ?

The “Universal”, breaks with it symbols and expectations of transcendence, but the machine appeared to be unstoppable, returning always to the sweet and primitive original image. ¿How to stop this machine ? To this aim this video, and the spectator must found his own answer.

Qui ?

Alberto Lastreto

Né en 1951 à Buenos Aires.
Il passe son enfance à Montevideo (Uruguay) et étudie à l’Universidad de la Republica Oriental d’Uruguay.
En 1973, il est expulsé de ce pays. Il poursuit ses études à Cuba, Esthétique et Histoire de l’Art.
Il séjourne à New York entre 1980 et 2006.
Aujourd’hui, (...)

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