Colony Installation

Colony is an installation of tiny 3D-modelled sculptures representing a colony of a hundred-odd white beetles or cockroaches. This bug colony seems to be heading towards significant spots in the exhibition venue, suggesting a possible situation or scenario, towards an emergency exit or the museum shop, for example.

In the “D’abord les forêts” group exhibition, the bugs swarm onto a board perched above a stream running through the park at the Maison Laurentine : they appear to be collectively crawling to the edge of the springboard as though to plunge into the water in an act of mass suicide.

These swarming insects call to mind the mass migrations of whole populations, as well as various forms of colonization all across our globalized world, albeit transposed into the digital world.

The sculptures are “printed” in 3D using a rapid prototyping technology for making material objects from digital models. Their white plastic bodies and their stylized modelization give them an air of science fiction creatures, playing on our recollections of the special effects in the motion pictures of yesteryear.

Qui ?

Cécile Babiole

De la musique industrielle dans les années 80 (au sein du groupe Nox) aux cultures
électroniques et numériques aujourd’hui, le travail de Cécile Babiole évolue de manière
transversale, croisant les circuits de la musique et des arts visuels. Loin d’une
pluridisciplinarité de mise, c’est (...)

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Maison Laurentine

N 47° 54.750 - E 4° 56.201
15, rue du Moulin
52210 Aubepierre sur Aube

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