Calvaire (Ordeal) Series of 14 stations

The Calvaire (Ordeal) series evokes a metaphorical trajectory via a suite of fourteen small pictures, in reference to the fourteen emblematic Stations of the Cross.

These figurative landscapes, with their tragic bearing and compulsive forms aspiring to a revival of nature, suggest a representation swaying between the original culture rooted in the soil and the resurgence of a myth sprung from the earth.
Beyond a tangible reality, the tree is both looked at and looking out ; it stands before us at once as a subjugated double and a human personification.

Through fairly silent images, grouped by family, my photography is based on a landscape of proximity that repeats itself, like the multiplication of a single step inducing a mental pathway (that of memory, of the future, of a walk, of a displacement).
The question of forms and interpretations that follows a capture of reality is quintessentially ambivalent, and while initially reproducing an immediacy that must be set aside, this working up of detail into a more general figure resonates within the collective imagination.

Black and white inkjet prints on Baryta paper, 30 x 40 cm, printed at Philippe Guilvard Studios

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Brigitte Olivier

Itinéraires paysagers, co-production avec ma fille Camille Cuisset (itinéraires parrallèles)
Conversation avec une femme (entretien avec ma grand-mère)
Ostrea vitæ, paysages maritimes sur le territoire de l’enfance (photographies et entretiens avec des ostréiculteurs) (...)

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