Bamboustation Installation

"Today art melts more and more in my Daily, he took my life and leads me to
various questions. A Proposal - Opportunity to put in my situation approach ! Here ..... bamboustation ...!

Bamboo grows and invades my garden, I use it so as support for a renewed and creative approach enlarged. Already exploited in 2009 for an embodiment with two artist friends at the University of Technology of Belfort- Montbéliard (Utbm) named : "Alloys"

Bamboo stuck in the ground based mid shrub selected locality named

The idea is to occupy an area of forest and soak up the presence of its artistic and environmental magnetic resonance. Then, create a kind of signage along a curved path from an array of bamboo.

Visitors can respond to this facility with a wide-angle vision explore multiple views of the surrounding space, but also challenge the imagination and his personal mythology can be opened in other fields repositories e.g. acupuncture earth, Thurs Mikado giant, totemism, etc. ...

Also intends relative visual field plastic invested, beyond the aesthetic purpose, creating conditions for a quest for a new look focused on the forest area itself responsible for its own roots.

Qui ?

Michel Nadal

Ancien des arts décos de Paris (peinture murale 1962). Chercheur en art et images et Communication Visuelle.
Professeur d’arts appliqués retraité de l’Education Nationale depuis 1998. Réside en Franche-Comté à Saint Maurice Colombier, village du Doubs situé entre Montbéliard et (...)

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