Schizophrenia Taiwan à la Transmediale de Berlin

La Maison Laurentine au festival des arts électroniques de Berlin / Transmediale

Pierre Bongiovanni, commissaire de l’exposition Schizophrenia Taïwan 2.0

Starting in late 2013, Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0 exhibits works of young and emerging Taiwanese new media artists in Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Cyberfest, London, Paris and Instant Video in Marseille.

Taiwan’s schizophrenic nature will be diagnosed under the following lenses : a condensed symbol of world history, a powerhouse for global digital economy and an ambivalent national status

Part of the world and at the same time apart from it, like a satellite, Taiwan observes, orbits, and transmits messages to this world. These messages coincide the challenges and potential of globalization and cybernetics.



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Pierre Bongiovanni

Responsable artistique de la Maison Laurentine, commissaire d’exposition ("Sculptures en l’Ile" à Andrésy dans les Yvelines, "schizophrenia Taiwan" à Linz, Saint Pétersbourg, Berlin, Paris, Londres, Marseille, Dresde), auteur, photographe, myope, vierge ascendant taureau.
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